A Landmark Clinical Study Shows Heating To-ba-cco Could Reduce the Health Risks of Smoking(1)

That’s Why Poda Holdings, Inc. May Have a Potentially Game-Changing $800 Billion Opportunity At Hand(2)

September 27, 2021
Poda Announces Completion of Name Change

At the moment, there are about 1.3 billion cig-ar-ette smokers all over the world.(2)

Combined, they’re puffing away at about 5.7 trillion cig-ar-ettes a year, generating about $800 billion in yearly revenue for to-ba-cco companies.(2)

Sure, many want to give up the habit, but it’s the toughest of tasks.

In 2018, just in the U.S., about 55% of adult smokers attempted to give up the habit. But only 8% were successful in quitting for about six to 12 months, according to the US FDA.(3)

All thanks to the ni-co-tine.

After all, “Every dr-ug of abuse, including ni-co-tine, releases dopamine, which makes it pleasurable to use,” said Dr. Neil Benowitz, a ni-co-tine researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, as quoted by the American Heart Association.  “And when you stop smoking, you have a deficiency of dopamine release, which causes a state of dysphoria: you feel anxious or depressed.”(4)

And sure, there are alternatives.

  • While there are non-to-ba-cco products without ni-co-tine, they offer minimal to no risk reduction. There are major health risks associated with inhaling any kind of smoke.(2)
  • With E-cig-ar-ettes, artificial ni-co-tine-containing liquids are heated to produce aerosolized vapors. However, they do not really provide the sensory experience of smoking.(2) Plus, according to Health Direct, “One study found e-cig-ar-ette and to-ba-cco cig-ar-ette produced about the same amount of formaldehyde.”(5)
  • Non-inhalable to-ba-cco products such as chewing to-ba-cco and ni-cot-ine gum have yet to replace cig-ar-ettes for millions of smokers.(2)

Fortunately, Poda Holdings, Inc. –Canada CSE:(PODA) U.S. OTC:(PODAF)– may be able to change all of that.

Poda has spent the last 6 years developing what could be the best heat-not-burn product ever made. Led by a team of industry-leading experts at the forefront of the rapidly growing reduced-risk smoking products industry, Poda understands the heat-not-burn market. Most importantly, it has the skills and expertise to potentially deliver significant value to its shareholders.(6)

With its Beyond Burn Poda Pods, Poda is well-poised to attain significant market share and for the opportunity to be part of the future of reduced-risk smoking.

The Potential Solution from Poda Holdings, Inc. Canada CSE:(PODA) U.S. OTC:(PODAF)

Poda Beyond Burn Pods are filled with a specialized blend infused with synthetic ni-co-tine. Most importantly, they contain no to-ba-cco ingredients. Temperatures also range from 185-225° C.(2)

Furthermore, Poda Beyond Burn Pods:(2)

  • Provide close analog to the sensory experience of cig-ar-ette smoking
  • Offer better user experience than existing heated to-ba-cco products
  • Can be sold at lower price points because not subject to to-ba-cco duties

That alone could offer Poda a massive opportunity.

For one, over 5.7 trillion legally purchased cig-ar-ettes are consumed annually by over 1.3 billion consumers. These consumers represent potential Poda customers as the advantages of the reduced-risk Poda system reach the market.(2)

Second of all, the “Heat-Not-Burn” market could be enormous.

Consider this:

Heat-Not-Burn has already become a primary money-making focus for the to-ba-cco industry. See for yourself how:(2)

  • Heat-not-burn (HNB) is the fastest-growing category in the adult smoking industry. Yet, most people have never heard of it.
  • Heat-not-burn is a new way of consuming to-ba-cco. The to-ba-cco isn’t burned but rather is heated to precise temperatures to generate ni-co-tine-containing aerosols without the smoke.
  • Philip Morris International, one of the largest to-ba-cco companies in the world, is leading the HNB market with its IQOS product. Virtually every major player in the to-ba-cco industry is racing to catch up with them. Right now, IQOS by Phillip Morris leads the market with approximately 85 billion HNB to-ba-cco sticks sold in 2020. Philip Morris also captured about 20% of the Japanese to-ba-cco market with the product.
  • With its superior HNB technology, Poda looks as well-positioned as anyone to obtain a significant deal of market share in the rapidly expanding global HNB market.

Potentially fueling more upside, Philip Morris also believes that HNB products can almost entirely replace traditional cig-ar-ettes within 20 years.(2)

In fact, according to an article in Barron’s from May 2021:(7)

“We want Japan to be the first market” for the phase-out, Philip Morris International’s newly appointed CEO Jacek Olczak told the Nikkei in an interview published in Japanese. He added that the company hoped to “realize a smoke-free society in Japan within 10 years.”

Bottom line? Philip Morris International is betting big on its IQOS: a sort of short cig-ar-ette inserted into a device that heats the to-ba-cco and releases a vapor.

The Growth of the Heated To-ba-cco Market is Truly Astounding

According to Poda Holdings, Inc. CEO, Ryan Selby:(8)

“With an ever-increasing focus on reduced-risk products, the global to-ba-cco industry continues to embrace heated to-ba-cco products. International to-ba-cco giant Philip Morris International, maker of the IQOS (I Quit Ordinary Smoking) product line, recently announced that as of Q2 2021, it has acquired over 20 million IQOS users globally.

In just Q2 2021 alone, PMI sold over 24 billion units of its IQOS-compatible HEETS to-ba-cco sticks and they are on track to sell over 100 billion HEETS sticks in 2021. IQOS continues to increase its market share in virtually every market in which it has been launched, and PMI remains extremely bullish on the future of heated to-ba-cco.

PMI has committed to generating at least 50% of its net revenues from the sale of reduced risk products (primarily the IQOS product) within the next 5 years, and PMI has a stated goal of eliminating its sales of traditional combustible cig-ar-ettes by the year 2030.”(8)

Selby continued, “The growth of the heated to-ba-cco market is truly astounding, and I am thrilled to be commercializing a product that in my opinion is more attractive to consumers than the IQOS product. The Poda product simply eliminates all device cleaning and maintenance, which is a primary paint point among IQOS users.

Additionally, our proprietary designs and low-cost production capabilities will allow us to sell our products at potentially lower price points than the IQOS products, giving us yet another competitive advantage. As more and more consumers make the switch from traditional combustible cig-ar-ettes to reduced risk options, I believe heated to-ba-cco products have the potential to make a big impact in the lives of the 1.3 billion smokers globally.”(8)

Poda Holdings, Inc. Also Just Commenced the PMTA Process with the US FDA(9)

Under section 910(b) of the Federal Food, Dr-ug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act, anyone can submit a PMTA for a new to-ba-cco product seeking a US FDA marketing order.

A PMTA must provide scientific data that demonstrates a product is appropriate for the protection of public health. To reach such a decision and to authorize marketing, the US FDA considers, among other things:

  • Risks and benefits to the population as a whole, including people who would use the proposed new to-ba-cco product as well as non-users;
  • Whether people who currently use any to-ba-cco product would be more or less likely to stop using such products if the proposed new to-ba-cco product were available;
  • Whether people who currently do not use any to-ba-cco products would be more or less likely to begin using to-ba-cco products if the new product were available; and
  • The methods, facilities, and controls used to manufacture, process, and pack the new to-ba-cco product.

Plus, Here’s How Poda Holdings, Inc.

Canada CSE:(PODA) U.S. OTC:(PODAF) Can Potentially Solve Industry Pain Points

Poda Holdings, Inc. Canada CSE:(PODA) U.S. OTC:(PODAF) is also led by a skilled team with years of experience in reduced-risk smoking products. 

Co-founder & CEO 

Ryan Selby originated the Poda concept and has led the Company since its inception in 2015. A multi-patented inventor, Ryan brings expertise gained from over 15 years of industry experience designing, developing, patenting, commercializing, and distributing innovative products and accessories for the smoking industry. A passionate believer in the massive potential for reduced-risk smoking products, Ryan is committed to growing Poda on a global scale. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria.

Co-founder & VP Design  

Ryan Karkairan co-developed the initial Poda concept and is actively leading the ongoing R&D efforts as Poda continues to develop innovative reduced-risk smoking products and accessories. Ryan has worked in the smoking industry for over 10 years and has held senior management positions in both Sales and R&D. Ryan brings extensive knowledge of the reduced-risk industry, helping to guide the development activities of Poda now and into the future. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Victoria.


Paul Ciullo has a diverse professional background and specialized in financial reporting and project management during his time spent working in senior corporate finance and accounting positions for various Fortune 500 companies. His most recent roles include serving as the CFO of a cryptocurrency mining company and of CannAmerica Brands Corporation. Paul is a CPA who obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from SUNY Geneseo and an MBA from Pennsylvania State University.

Head of Creative 

Karen Merrifield specializes in developing visual storytelling for publicly traded companies. With over 8 years of industry experience, Karen has worked closely with Poda since the company’s inception, leading the creative team to provide in-house branding, graphic design, and web development. Karen is the founder of 2 companies which she runs as CEO and Creative Director. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

Chief Medical Officer 

Dr. Gupta received his medical training at the University of British Columbia followed by a residency at the University of Toronto. Initially in family medicine, Dr. Gupta’s scope evolved to focus on interventional pain management and interventional regenerative orthopaedic medicine. With a strong focus on integrating various fields of medicine to better treat pain and addiction and the interrelation of sleep, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, mood, and mental health, Dr. Gupta has focused on both conventional and newly researched treatments such as those involving cann-a-bis and psi-lo-cybin. Dr. Gupta owns and runs his own clinic and additionally has experience in business, consulting in the cann-a-bis space. Future focus will include clinical research in smoking cessation and cann-a-bis.

Strategic Advisor 

Founder of Shenzhen ESON Technology Co. Ltd. in 2010. ESON has successfully licensed its IP and supplied OEM services to ALL of the biggest to-ba-cco companies in the world (JTI, Imperial, BAT, GPI, CNT).

Strategic Advisor 

Mr. Ruiz was a key executive for one of the largest to-ba-cco companies in the world, Philip Morris International (PMI), for more than 15 years. In 2004, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Tabaqueira, a former Portuguese state monopoly that was acquired by PMI and contributed as one of PMI’s top 10 EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) producers worldwide. In 2006, Mr. Ruiz was assigned the integration of Coltabaco in Colombia, one of PMI’s largest single investments to date. After 15 years at PMI and 20 years in the fast-moving consumer goods space, Mr. Ruiz decided to expand his professional experience as CEO of Colombia’s leading media group,

Strategic Advisor 

Was previously the president of JUUL Labs Canada, a division of JUUL Labs Inc. (Altria Group, the maker of Marlboro cig-ar-ettes, invested $12.8 billion into JUUL in December 2018, acquiring a 35 percent stake). Michael was hired by JUUL to launch the product and business unit in Canada and was instrumental in dealing with commercial and regulatory aspects of the e-cig-ar-ette market. In addition, Michael was previously responsible for launching Red Bull and CytoSport into the Canadian marketplace, and he is currently the CEO of Shelter.

Strategic Advisor 

With over a decade of experience as a public affairs and regulatory expert, Mr. Nicholas Kadysh has led government relations and regulatory departments for a number of large corporations, including acting as Head of Corporate Affairs for JUUL Labs Inc., as Government Affairs & Public Policy Leader for General Electric Canada, and as Director of Public Affairs for Red Bull Canada. Nick is currently the founder and CEO of PharmAla Biotech.

The Top Reasons to Consider Poda Holdings, Inc. Canada CSE:(PODA) U.S. OTC:(PODAF)

  1. Poda is angling to become a major player in the heat-not-burn industry with multi-patented zero cleaning pods and its flagship Beyond Burn Poda Pods.
  2. Poda products offer all the satisfaction of traditional smoking with no smoke and no to-ba-cco ingredients.
  3. Poda Beyond Burn Pods consist of a patented blend of pelletized tea leaves and synthetic nic-ot-ine. This product offers amazing flavor without being subject to to-ba-cco taxes and duties. It also allows aggressively competitive pricing as compared to to-ba-cco-containing HNB products.(10)
  4. Poda is led by a skilled team with years of experience in reduced-risk smoking products. It also has an advisory board with experienced to-ba-cco industry professionals
  5. Poda is ready to launch with an exceptional product; production is currently at 400,000 pods per month.(10)
  6. A production volume scale-up is planned for Q3 2021 to meet increasing demand.(10)


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+1 604 374-4001

What They Do

Poda Holdings, Inc. is engaged in the global commercialization of heat-not-burn smoking products, which have the potential to reduce the risks associated with combustible smoking products. Its flagship Beyond Burn Poda Pods contains a tobacco-free blend of pelletized tea leaves infused with synthetic nicotine, which provides adult smokers with a smoke-free alternative to their regular habit without sacrificing the satisfaction they’re accustomed to.