Plant-Based Foods Are Already Disrupting Multi-Billion-Dollar Industries

With First Mover Advantage, Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) is Already Well Ahead of the Competition — As its Stock Explodes Higher

News Update 9-25-20

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Take a look at its chart below for proof

The Plant-Based Foods boom is creating unimaginable fortunes for investors.

Early investors in first-movers like Beyond Meat have already seen approximately 734% gains at its peak after it went public at approximately 25 a share.

All as the company disrupted the $1.4 trillion meat business.(1)

Plus, with a growing vegan population, and environmental and humanitarian concerns of the meat business, plant-based foods have only just begun to disrupt the industry.

Reportedly, plant-based proteins taste far better, too.(2)

The trend has even caught on among the top food companies, including McDonald’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Dunkin Brands, KFC, Starbucks, Wendy’s, and White Castle.(2)

However, Beyond Meat isn’t the only company with first-mover advantage, disrupting a multi-billion-dollar market.

Else Nutrition (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) Has First-Mover Advantage in a $80 Billion Market

Within the plant-based market boom, Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY)(OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) has created and patented the first 100% plant-based solution for baby nutrition – which is quickly disrupting an $80 billion infant formula market(3)

You see, while other companies are focusing on meat alternatives, Else Nutrition has created a 100% plant-based non-dairy, non-soy formula with a nutritionally equivalent values composition to that of breast milk .

However, that’s just part of the reason Else Nutrition is attractive to investors.

The other – Else Nutrition is extremely undervalued relative to its peers.

Once you evaluate Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) to its peers, you can see just how severely undervalued the stock truly is.

At the moment, BABYF carries a market cap of approximately $161.5 million.

Meanwhile comparable companies carry valuations in the billions of dollars. That tells us Else Nutrition – which trades at approximately $2 a share – still has massive potential upside.

Better, Else Nutrition (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) has completed most of the leg work to get product to market. It has already developed the brand, globally patented its formula, with its toddler nutrition product having just launched in August 2020.

“For more than 120 years, cow’s milk and soy have dominated. After seven years of R&D, we are finally able to offer something else to parents and bring a real, clean label alternative to families across North America, so that they will never have to compromise on the health and nutrition of their toddler again,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Hamutal Yitzhak.(4)

Markets are Hungry for Else Nutrition’s Products

At the moment, more than 90% of baby formula are from cow’s milk, which is a strong allergen that has high levels of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. Nearly 50% of infants with food allergies just in the U.S. are allergic to cow’s milk(5)

Soy protein is 99% GMO, and is suspected of having a harmful impact on infants due to high levels of phytoestrogens, or phytic hormones. Nearly 50% of babies allergic to cow’s milk are also allergic to Soy.(5)

Meanwhile, Else Nutrition’s (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) formula is:

In short, Else Nutrition – with a market cap of approximately $161.5 million – is in the sweet spot of disrupting a major multi-billion-dollar market.

Well-Funded and Ready for Massive Multi-Billion-Dollar Disruption

Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) is an Israel-based food and nutrition company focused on developing innovative, clean and plant-based food and nutrition products for infants, toddlers, children, and adults. Its revolutionary, plant-based, non-soy, formula is a clean-ingredient alternative to dairy-based formula.

Led by a team of seasoned executives with experience working with multinational food and drink company Nestlé, and multinational infant nutrition company Abbott Laboratories, this company is very well positioned to dominate and transform the baby formula business.

Better, under the leadership of Co-Founder and CEO Hamutal Yitzhak, the company has already attracted big investor interest.

Else Nutrition (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) went public in 2019, and exploded approximately 180% on its first days of trading. Since then, the stock has seen sizable growth, and has run approximately 700% from a late-2019 low of 25 cents.

In addition, Else Nutrition is well capitalized with $6 million CAD in cash, with no short or long term debt, which is likely to fuel expansion plans for the next 12 months.(6)

With consumers pushing for both healthier and more sustainable diets, the growth of plant-based markets is only set to explode higher.

“With consumers pushing for both healthier and more sustainable diets, the space is primed for continued growth. A recent study from DuPont Nutrition & Health found that 52% of U.S. consumers are eating more plant-based foods and they believe it makes them feel healthier,” as noted by Food Dive.(7)

Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) Has Investors Drooling

Recognized as a growing potential leader in healthy baby formula, Else Nutrition has only just begun to market and commercialize its products for sale in global markets.

Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL) is Also Led by a Powerhouse Leadership Team

Hamutal Yitzhak
CEO & Co-Founder

The Else Nutrition team is led by Co-Founder and CEO Hamutal Yitzhak, who was the former Head of Infant Nutrition at Abbott Labs Israel, and is the Founder and Partner in Heart Baby Snack and Feeding Accessories Co.

Michael Azar
Co-Founder & CTO 

Prior to Else Nutrition, Michael Azar was the former CEO and Chief Food Technologist at Materna infant nutrition, which was later acquired by Nestle, and is an infant nutrition production expert.

Uriel Kesler
Co-Founder, Director & COO

Uriel Kesler was the former GM PL Infant Formula at Promedico Healthcare Group, Israel, and was a Founder and Partner in Golden Heart Baby Snack and Feeding Accessories Co.

Reuben Halevi
Vice President, Sales Operations

Former Senior Executive at Retalix (acquired by NCR), Reuben Halevi is the company’s expert in retail, eCommerce, and marketing technology.

Barak Orenstein
Director, Digital Marketing

Barak Orenstein has more than 15 years of consumer goods marketing experience, including having served as Global Brand Director for Sodastream, as well as in marketing brand management positions for L’Oreal, and Danone.

Fabiana Bar-Yoseph
Director Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Fabiana Bar-Yoseph is a Former Clinical Development Director & Infant Nutrition R&D Director at Enzymotec. PhD. in Medical Science.

Asher Widberg
Director New Product Development

Asher Widberg is the former head of process development – Infant Nutrition at Enzymotec, and has a BSc in Bio-Chemical Engineering, MBA.

Dr. Jon A Vanderhoof

Former Vice President, Global Medical Affairs at Mead Johnson Nutrition. Pediatric Gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Senior Lecturer in Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, USA

Prof. Ra’anan Shamir

Professor of Pediatrics, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University. Chairman, Institute of Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Liver Diseases, Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Israel. Past President of leading European society for pediatric nutrition.

Katie Kaswell

Former Vice President of Marketing at Plum Organics Baby Foods, Formula and Snacks. Health-Supportive Chef.

Prof. Ron Shaoul

Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Institute, RAMBAM Medical Center, Haifa, Israel, Clinical Associate Professor, Technion, Faculty of Medicine, Israel.

Prof. Yvan Vandenplas

Head of Department KidZ Health Castle and Child Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Vrije University Hospital Brussels, Belgium.

The Key Reasons

Investors Need to Know About Else Nutrition Holdings (TSXV:BABY) (OTCQX:BABYF) (FSE:0YL)

One, it’s a major disruptor – with first-mover advantage in an $80 billion infant formula market.

Two, the company has $CAD 6 million in cash with no debt – and is fully funded.

Three, the company just launched its formula in the U.S. marketplace.

Four, the company holds global patents as it begins to grow its brand

Five, there’s a seasoned executive team with food, scientific, and financial experiences, including those from Nestle and Abbott.

Six, it has created and patented the world’s first 100% plant-base, non-dairy, non-soy alternative to cow milk-based formula, disrupting a massive multi-billion-dollar market in the process.

Seven, the company in conjunction with its FDA consulting partner continues to progress on the regulatory pathway for multiple products including an infant formula and new products currently in development for the adult nutrition market.




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